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Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue Cooked Up the Best Revenge Plot

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It brings me much joy to inform you that one of New York’s most niche celebrity dramas has taken an exciting twist. Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue, the ex-spouses of former Good Morning America co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, are reportedly dating. That’s right, baby, we’ve got another couple swap on our hands!

Remember T.J. and Amy? You might have been thinking about them already because the couple rehashed their entire romance saga in the first episode of their new podcast, which came out on Tuesday. Basically, they used to host a daytime-TV segment together, and their flirty on-camera banter turned into a real-life relationship, which tabloids publicized in 2022 after tailing the couple on various sexy trysts. At the time, both Robach and Holmes were still married to other people, though in their podcast they claim they were already deep in divorce proceedings when they got together. No matter — several hours after Robach and Holmes told their love story, the internet was abuzz with news that their exes had moved on … with each other! Please, someone alert Hallmark’s screenwriters immediately.

According to “Page Six,” Fiebig and Shue bonded over the “traumatic experience” of their respective breakups. Whether their former spouses actually cheated on them or just abruptly started dating right after asking for a divorce, Fiebig and Shue have apparently leaned on each other for support throughout all of this — so much so that they are reportedly “not heartbroken and sad” anymore. Instead, per a handful of anonymous sources, their relationship “turned into something else” six months ago, and they’re now “connected over the values. It’s bigger than the affair now.”

It’s also, apparently, bigger than Robach and Holmes’s podcast, the premiere of which has been largely overshadowed by our collective excitement about this revenge couple. According to “Page Six,” Robach is convinced that Shue and Fiebig deliberately arranged for this news to drop the same day that the podcast came out, and is “livid” that “her ex is trying to steal her thunder.” Whether or not Shue and Fiebig had any say in their tabloid hard launch, their exes seem to be hanging in there — Holmes posted an intimate-looking Instagram Story of himself and Robach with the text, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” Sounds like family dinner is about to get real weird.

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