The Beauty Products Dr. Caroline Robinson Uses to the Last Drop

Photo: Caroline Robinson

“Self-care is so important,” says Tone Dermatology founder Dr. Caroline Robinson. “I think I might be the queen of boundaries.” Self-care, micro-needling, and a little injectable here and there like filler and Botox keep Dr. Robinson in business: “I think a light touch of these can go a long way and can help with some of the deeper changes beneath the skin.”

She credits her skills to studying medicine at the University of Louisville. “That’s also where I realized dermatology is actually really interesting. My passion truly started to emerge,” she says. In 2020, she started Tone Dermatology. “Starting something in the middle of the pandemic was tough. It almost broke me but it also has been such a rewarding experience.”

And speaking of rewards, Dr. Robinson treats herself via a simple face and body-care routine.


Here, Dr. Robinson’s a.m. routine:

7:30 – I love to prioritize skin, obviously, as a dermatologist. My favorite cleanser is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cleanser because it foams and creates suds and lather, but it’s non-stripping.

7:32 – For my serum, I use Bijou, which contains live bacteria in it.

7:33 – I use the Revision DEJ Eye Cream around my eye area. It’s one of my favorites. I’ve been using it for years.

7:34 – I’m a tinted mineral sunscreen girl, but I’ve been testing so many at the moment.

7:40 – For body care, I love using the Vaseline Radiant X line all over. The formulas are super rich but not greasy.

7:45 – For makeup, I’m using YSL’s Lash Clash Mascara, which I love because it doesn’t clump. I’m also using Refined Beauty for my brows.

7:50 – Hair wise, I use Olaplex and K18, alternating between the two.


On the marketing trend that makes her cringe:

It’s really anything that goes outside of the core three: sunscreen, retinoids, and antioxidants. I was really concerned in 2020 when people were putting anything and everything on their faces.


On ingredients:

I feel like hyaluronic acid is overhyped. Among dermatologists, we joke that it has a really good PR team. Glycerin is probably the better humectant.


On her biggest beauty inspirations:

Sabrina Elba. She’s so beautiful. From the skin to the hair to the style and body. She doesn’t miss.

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The Beauty Products Caroline Robinson Uses to the Last Drop